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Bali is a perfect place to take your kids. They'll love the natural surroundings, and there is no problem whatsoever to find a baby-sitter or somebody to take care of them wherever you go. All Balinese adore kids !
Here you will find information about everything that you need to know about a Bali holiday for your family: where to stay, what to do and where to eat.

A Bali holiday for families begins and ends with suitable accommodation. There are variety of Bali hotels, resorts and villas to choose from, when planning your Bali holiday.Things to consider in selecting your Bali accommodation for a family group are:
Location - try to choose a location that is popular and close to family oriented attractions i.e. near the beach, shops, restaurants and amusements.
Facilities - make sure your accommodation choice is suitable for kids, it has a children's pool, connecting doors, play ground etc. Some venues are unsuitable for family groups.
Pricing - does your accommodation choice offer discounts for children under a certain age?
Transport - when you travel with a family in Bali, it will be much more convenient if you use private transport. Check with your accommodation venue if they provide private transport as part of the holiday package.
Below you will find links to a variety of Bali hotels, resorts, villas and Bali holiday packages
Bali Hotel & Resort Bargain Finder

Many Bali hotels and resorts offer family rooms or children discounts. Find the GUARANTEED lowest rates for famous luxury resorts and budget hotels in all parts of Bali, Indonesia. Reserve on-line to save 70% and more.
Private Vacation Villas in Bali

Many families choose to spend a Bali holiday in a private villa. You can rent a private villa with two to seven bedrooms, tropical garden and swimming pool, all amenities, private car and driver and trained house staff. This is an attractive alternative to spending your vacation in a hotel or resort for many families.
BALIVACATIONS Packages from the US

Save on your Bali holiday by booking our complete packages including return air fare from the US to Bali and back on SINGAPORE AIRLINES, 5-star hotel or villa accommodation, daily breakfast, your free car with driver, and an optional stopover in Singapore on the way out or home. All arranged with one single booking!
Bali is a paradise for children. Just about every attraction on the island is children "friendly" - which makes Bali an ideal destination for parents as well.
Children's attractions in Bali vary from surf, sand and beach activities; cultural activities such as dancing, temple visits, and traditional Balinese life style experiences; adventure activities such as rafting, cycling, bungee jumping and elephant rides; and theme parks such as Bali Bird Park, Waterbom, Butterfly Park, etc.
Popular Bali Tours
A full list of the most popular Bali tours, ranging from volcano tours to handicraft tours.
Balinese Dances
Balinese Dances are vivid and stylized performances. Most Balinese dances are dramatizations of stories and legends from the Hindu "Ramayana" and "Mahabaratha" or Balinese historical events.
Here is an excerpt from the International Herald Tribune, April 26th, 1996 on Balinese Dances:
"Dancing The Night AwayBalinese culture is almost ready made for kids, especially the traditional dances with their colorful costumes and lively music. Girls tend to like the graceful movements of the Legong, which is often performed by young Balinese dancers. Boys are attracted to the Ramayana epic, with its dashing warriors or the famous Barong & Kris dance that features a mortal duel between the forces of good and evil.Most of the big hotels feature dance performances each evening, often on outdoor stages adjacent to the pool. The new Galleria Nusa Dua shopping center features a different dance performance each night. Farther afield is the village of Batubulan, where the Barong & Kris dance is performed several times each day in an outdoor venue reminiscent of a Balinese temple."
If you wish your family to experience any of the above dances during your Bali holiday, find the full listing of all the above Balinese dances, and many more, with locations and times, by clicking here.
Popular Bali Activities

Every popular family activity you can imagine can be found in Bali; from the water to the sky, there is something for everyone.
Another excerpt from the International Herald Tribune, April 26th, 1996 on adventure activities:
"Young Adventurers Adventure sports activities have become increasingly popular in Bali in recent years, and many of these are also ideal for children. Anyone seven years of age and older can raft along the Ayung river, a two-hour journey through rain forests and rice terraces along a churning white water course that tumbles down 25 rapids.
Mountain bike excursions (including a volcano trip), jungle treks and open-ocean kayak journeys are offered by the same adventure outfitters. Another adrenaline pumper is bungee jumping on the beach at Kuta under the auspices of A.J. Hackett, the New Zealand company that invented the sport.
Bali is also fertile ground for special theme attractions like Waterbom Park in Kuta and the new Taman Burung Bird Park in Batubulan. Waterbom features numerous swimming pools and water slides in a lush tropical setting with restaurants, bars and shops. Taman Burung showcases the fabulous tropical birds of Indonesia, with more than 250 species, including birds of paradise, kingfishers, hornbills, parrots and pheasants."
If you wish your family to experience any of the above activities during your Bali holiday, please see the full listing at Bali Activities.
One of the greatest experiences of a Bali holiday for many families is eating out. Bali is simply like no other place in the world for the many different restaurants and cuisines on offer, the low cost for meals, the quality of food, and the exotic or romantic settings.
You should note that Hotel Restaurants are more expensive than local restaurants. The standard of hygiene is usually high, but always tell the restaurant staff to not make the food spicy hot when ordering for children.
What you should know about eating in Bali

There is a lot to know about eating out in Bali for families. There is a wide variety of cuisines to choose from with many restaurants specializing in simple dishes suitable for children. Also find out where the most popular Western fast food outlets are in case your children experience withdrawal symptoms.
Where to eat in Bali

We have listed what we consider to be the best restaurants in Bali. These restaurants range from cheap eateries to restaurants serving excellent cuisine. We have listed all restaurants by area so you can easily find the best restaurants closest to your accommodation. Bon Appetite!